Photos done, the last song for the album begins recording tonight!

I am super excited! I had an amazing location shoot for the new album, "Warrior of Truth" in Ontario's beautiful Algonquin Park. The pictures came out amazing. It will be hard to choose the final 4 for the album, but all of the cool pictures will still get used when the album goes into digital release. (see pics here->

Tonight we start vocals on the final song for the album, "King of The World". Pete Swann of Attitude Productions has done an amazing job helping arrange the album and get each song just right. I've co-produced all of the tracks and taken the lead on three of it's time to roll the dice and take on the task of getting them out there. 

As an unsigned Indie artist, all my spare time goes into getting my music into the world and looking for that one person who can take me and the music to the next level. Everywhere I go, every band I see, every music video I watch, helps me to learn more about how I want to reveal myself to the world, so what better way to get an education than hanging out with 85,000 dedicated fans at this years WACKEN Heavy Metal Festival. 

It will be my first time travelling away from my home continent, and now that I have found out my genetic heritage is 100% European with strong roots in western and eastern Europe as well as Scotland, England and Finland, the timing of the trip couldn't be more perfect.

If you are lucky enough to be in Europe this summer, drop me a line....I'd love to meet you!!! 

Stay tuned, the album comes out in July 2017. and will be available on iTunes, Amazon and many other uber cool sites by August.

Stay strong WARRIORS....together we CAN make a difference...LOVE is everything, share it, live it, create it....LOVE is free to give, so get out there and LOVE MORE!

God Bless.

~ Jacqueline Lovely Perras

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