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Jacqueline Lovely Perras

Hear the Music. Feel the Passion.




Jacqueline Lovely Perras is a Canadian Rock/Melodic Metal singer, and lead singer of the band ARON CROSS. She is from Atikokan, Ontario, Canada. Jacqueline has been performing since she was 6 years old and leading bands since the age of 17. A dynamic, powerhouse singer, Jacqueline's haunting performances engage audiences with intelligent lyrics and an energetic stage show, set to the backdrop of a 16th century warrior theme.

Her band ARON CROSS utilizes classic rock guitar, piano, and violin for a unique blend of emotional melodies, with the pounding dramatic energy of hard rock anthems.

Jacqueline formed the band, Revelation 17 in April 2013, to collaborate with up-and-comer, Lyric Dubee. Revelation 17 opened for Lee Aaron, TORONTO, Goddo, HELLION, and Sebastian Bach, before changing the band name to ARON CROSS in January 2015. Changing guitar players, to accommodate the solo careers of it's former members, ARON CROSS continued to open for touring acts, G 'n R's Steven Adler, ANVIL, and Queensryche's GEOFF TATE, while introducing a much stronger branding for the live stage appearances. 

In Aron Cross, Jacqueline reclaims her European roots as the Christian Warrior Princess. Travelling with her band of musical warrior gypsies, she entertains audiences with songs about truth and social injustice, while spreading a message of light, love and forgiveness. The Aron Cross shows are delivered in a rock theatre format, utilizing dramatic lighting, stage props and costuming. Jacqueline's training in Improv makes her on stage banter powerfully reflective of the audience, location, and social climate of the day. 

Jacqueline's first full length studio album, "Warrior of Truth" was released independantly, world-wide on July 17th, 2017, and is currently available through all digital platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc)
Cd's became available September 19th, 2017, and are currently available via this website. Vinyl albums will follow in early 2018.

Aron Cross continues to play locally and is currently in the planning stages for a European Tour. Jacqueline is currently writing and recording her second album, "The Quickening: Lessons from the Master," with Attitude Productions producer, Pete Swann. The album is scheduled for release in April 2018, and songs from the second album will be included in the 2018 summer shows.


Contact: Jacqueline Lovely Perras (249) 877-0071
          or aroncrossband@yahoo.ca