"Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History"

Your life is designed by the choices you make, Choose Well. ”

Jacqueline Lovely Perras

Hear the Music. Feel the Passion.


From the time she could walk and gurgle, Jacqueline Lovely has been an entertainer. She performed as part of her school choir, taught at a YMCA Arts camp at 15, and sang in musical theatre at the high school level. 

In her teen years, Jacqueline was influenced by Aerosmith, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Ronnie James Dio, and HEART. Her first band, Mazak, a heavy metal band, was formed when she was 17.  

In her 20's she formed Uncensored. In UNCENSORED, Jacqueline showcased her strong vocals and her natural talent as a charismatic front woman playing sets of original and cover music in Toronto’s A list rock clubs. 

In June of 2009, Jacqueline began singing a combination of blues and folk, inspired by music at the Mariposa Music Festival. In August, 2009, Jacqueline began a 3 year duo project with hobby guitarist, Vince Marcheson. As "Alligator Boots" they quickly rose in the local indie market, and playing regular club shows in and around Barrie, Ontario, from October 2009 thru Aug 2012.

In March 2010, Alligator Boots auditioned and won a spot in Barrie’s Street Performers Program.  They continued as street performers for 2011 and 2012.

In April 2010, Roger's TV did a profile of Alligator Boots as part of the Simcoe Living Show which aired from April 2nd through April 8th, 2010. The piece featured an interview with Jacqueline and the debut of a new original called, "Live in the Light" written with ex-frozen ghost guitar player, Bill Oulster. Jacqueline appeared again, live on Roger's Daytime Show, May 27th, 2010. With guest guitar player Norm Percy, she performed the Alligator Boots original, "Too Soon To Say Goodbye."

Alligator Boots did their first Toronto show at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in September 2011. From October 2011 to July 2012, Jacqueline and Vince did a regular Wednesday night appearance at the Aspetta Cafe, in Toronto's Kensington Market, as well as performing bi-weekly in Barrie’s entertainment district.

At Barrie's New Music Festival in July 2011, after an intimate performance of original music at McReilly's Pub, Jacqueline and Vin took home the award for BEST ROCK INDIE 2011. 

In February 2012, Jacqueline got a shot at her first in professional studio experience, singing background vocal tracks on the new, "Hell and Back" CD release from Swedish Heavy metal rockers KILLER BEE. 

Jacqueline and Vince recorded their own EP, "LOVE ME," in MARCH 2012. This 4 song EP, self-produced by Jacqueline, was released on July 16th, 2012. 

Jacqueline parted ways with Duo guitarist, Vince in August 2012, forming the band "Revelation 17."  

From 2013 to the end of 2014, REVELATION 17, with lead guitarist, Lyric Dubee, performed a number of shows in Ontario, opening for a variety of recording artists. When Lyric left the band to pursue his own solo career in more depth, Jacqueline continued performing shows in an ever increasing rock theatre format. In January 2015, the band's name was changed to ARON CROSS and shows became much more dramatic incorporating more props and costuming.

Her touring band ARON CROSS, now performs her original songs, utilizing classic rock guitar, piano, and violin for a unique blend of emotional melodies, while incorporating the pounding dramatic energy of hard rock anthems.

Jacqueline has opened for Lee Aaron, TORONTO, Goddo, HELLION, and Sebastian Bach, before changing the band name to ARON CROSS in January 2015. As ARON CROSS, she has opened for,  G 'n R's Steven Adler, ANVIL, and Queensryche's GEOFF TATE, as well as headlining her own shows.

In Aron Cross, Jacqueline reclaims her European roots, performing as a Christian Warrior Princess. Travelling with her band of musical warrior gypsies, she entertains audiences with songs about truth and social injustice, while spreading a message of light, love and forgiveness. 

The Aron Cross shows are delivered in a rock theatre format, utilizing dramatic lighting, stage props and costuming. Jacqueline's training in Improv makes her on stage banter powerfully reflective of the audience, location, and social climate of the day. 

Jacqueline's first full length studio album, "Warrior of Truth" was released independently, world-wide on July 17th, 2017, and is currently available through all digital platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)

 "Warrior of Truth" is Jacqueline's 5th release; her first full length album. The EP's" LOVE ME" and "You will Remember Me" were also released independently, along with the single, "Behind Closed Doors" and the two song disk, "Love Changes Everything".  Both single releases were co-written with ex-Aron Cross drummer, Serge Wisozky and released independently.

In 2018, Jacqueline was invited to perform her unreleased song, "Woman" in the feature length film, "Flames of Fury". Working with guitarist/songwriter Darren Lazary during this time, the duo wrote, "DAMAGED" a song that resonated well with the film's director, Gloria Yazdani, and was also picked up for the film's soundtrack. When the film went to preview audiences in October 2018, the music received such rave reviews, Gloria asked Jacqueline to collaborate on a theme song for the movie. "Child of the Wild" incorporating lyrics from poetry written by Yazdani, in one of the few songs Jacqueline did not have lyric control over. A beautiful blend of Canadian and Persian music, the song will be released on an EP of film songs called. "SONGS of FIRE" in May 2019. The disk of four songs, will also include, "How Do You Like Me Now", from her first album, picked up by the film in April 2019. The movie, "Flames of Fury" was set for release in 2020, but was delayed due to the world's pandemic restrictions. New sound editing is currently in progress, and the movie will come out for the 2024 festival season.

Aron Cross in currently on hiatus. Singer Jacqueline Lovely Perras continues to do pop up shows and fundraisers, as current touring climate allows. The Aron Cross project is looking forward to opportunities to tour internationally after March 2024. Jacqueline's second album, "Warrior of Truth 2:The Quickening," with Attitude Productions producer, Pete Swann is scheduled for release in late summer 2023. 

The Trilogy's final album, (name withheld) is currently in progress. "AWAKEN" the album's first single, will be previewed at Jacqueline's first solo theatre show, August18th, 2023, in her hometown of Atikokan, Ontario, Canada, the only opportunity to hear her new selections. All other music from Part 3 will be with held until “The Quickening” songs have been fully released. Part 3 is scheduled for release in late 2024.