Why God forgives us, over and over again. 

I believe wisdom is meant to be given to all. When I learn, especially something this important, I want to share it with my friends. 

This excerpt was from a recent Facebook conversation. The response was in regards to…

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ARON CROSS enters a new millenium

Hello everyone! 

We are back for another exciting year!

We are pleased to announce that in 2020, we are doing a special series of club shows, entitled, "ARON CROSS: Under the Covers" where we will be travelling to…

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The sneak preview of "Damaged" and "Woman" has ended.  

May 5th, 2019...After a few weeks of sharing the songs we are preparing for the upcoming film, "Flames of Fury" ...I am grateful for all the wonderful feedback...thank you so much for your continued support. Once the movie is released…

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Love creates Love. 

This post I created, was so popular on my personal facebook page this week, that I must share it with all of you warriors of LOVE.

Truth is about more than being honest, it's about listening to what others…

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Happy 150th Birthday CANADA!

Serge and Jacqueline will be doing a special performance of rock covers and originals at this years CANADA DAY SPLASH in Atikokan, Ontario.

We are excited to be a part of Canadian History this year as part of Atikokan's…

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New ALBUM, "Warrior of Truth"

I've been so busy travelling and meeting new fans!

For 2017 the focus has been completing the full length album, learning all the new tech for home recording, social media expansion and networking!  I am super excited to be doing…Read more