"Up Close and Personal with a Rock Diva"

ROCK PRINCESS, Jacqueline Lovely Perras, completed her first album in the autobiographical trilogy, "Warrior of Truth" on July 17th, 2017. The album is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google music and 100's of other platforms!  CD's are available at all of Jacqueline's upcoming appearances.

To download the album on iTUNES go to:

Aron Cross is a high-energy, melodic rock/metal band, fronted by lead singer, Jacqueline Lovely Perras.  

This dynamic, powerhouse singer has been performing since she was in grade school, her transparency, passion and strength pack a powerful punch, and audiences can expect to come away from shows feeling elevated and empowered by her words of hope and encouragement.



Hear the music. Feel the Passion.

As the Warrior Princess, Jacqueline leads her band, Aron Cross, to open the minds of the lost, to bring awareness to social injustice, and testify of God's love. 

Life happens. Sadness is. Guilt holds us hostage. Jacqueline sings about her truths, her challenges and her openness to forgive, while encouraging others to be honest about who they are and reach out in fellowship and healing. In telling the stories of her life and her view of today's world, she strives to connect with the disenfranchised, the hearts that are silenced by pain, the wanderer who is not sure of his path; in helping others to reveal those hurtful experiences that hold them hostage, she believes forgiveness becomes possible. 

The musicians of Aron Cross are passionate dedicated players that bring the songs to life with melodic melodies, haunting arias, and heart-felt performances that engage the audience.

Aron Cross is currently a 7 piece band consisting of a vocalist, lead guitarist, keyboard player, rythmn guitarist/support singer, drummer (who plays a wide range of percussion instruments) a Bass player, and a support singer/percussionist/stage hand. Performances including a variety of props and dramatic lighting, leading to a show that is beautiful for the eyes and ears. 

ARON CROSS is available to tour anywhere in the world. Please contact Jacqueline via the Facebook link below if you wish to discuss out of area tours. We own all the rights to our music and masters, and are currently INDEPENDANT and shopping. We published through CD Baby Canada, so we are not locked into any long term publishing contracts at this time.



Hear the music. Feel the Passion.

"Mercy is given to those who offer mercy.

Forgiveness heals the forgiver.

Live your life in love, and be surrounded by love."

               ~ Jacqueline Lovely Perras


Warrior of Truth

Jacqueline Lovely Perras

Christian Rock/Melodic Metal. Jacqueline's powerhouse debut album is full of thought-provoking lyrics and haunting arias, that will lift your spirit and ignite your soul.
Hear the Music. Feel the Passion.

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