The sneak preview of "Damaged" and "Woman" has ended.  

May 5th, 2019...After a few weeks of sharing the songs we are preparing for the upcoming film, "Flames of Fury" ...I am grateful for all the wonderful feedback...thank you so much for your continued support. Once the movie is released the songs will come out in their final form, both on my second album, "Warrior of Truth 2: The Quickening" and an EP of the original songs chosen for the movie.  

Because of the delay the completion of "Flames of Fury", my second album will also be delayed so that the Film Songs can be included on the disk. Initial previews by friends and selected fans has shown a strong connection to the film songs, so I am grateful for a little more time to make sure they are in their best form. Film and album versions will differ slightly; in that a motion picture has a different feel than a rock album. Softer rythumn sections with enhanced strings on the movie versions fit the magnitude of the story and epic quality needed for Dolby digital surround sound plus it makes the songs easier to digest, and is sure to appeal to broader listener demographic.  

But in the end, I am a purist, so when the songs hit the disk, they will be more rock melodic, heavier and more in keeping with the metal roots of all my music.  

For those of you who have been lucky to catch the songs inclusion in some of my live shows with ARON CROSS, you can expect this to continue throughout our 2019 concert dates. The only way to hear these songs this year, outside of the LIMITED EDITION promotion copies that were distributed in connection to the film's fundraiser...will be at our live shows. Please check the show listings both here and on the ARON CROSS web page at  

Rock on kittens....I promise to make blogging a much more regular feature of this page.  

Together we are love and festive celebration we build happiness in the world....change is fun!  

Be the light in someone's darkest day.  

Much respect, Jacqueline