Why God forgives us, over and over again. 

I believe wisdom is meant to be given to all. When I learn, especially something this important, I want to share it with my friends. 

This excerpt was from a recent Facebook conversation. The response was in regards to a friend who kept posting dramatic content on my page. I do my best to help friends understand why I forgive everyone. The reason is simple, I am just trying to be more like my father in Heaven.

May this wisdom help you, as it has helped me. 

"You know what I've learned in the last three months? I finally understand why God always forgives a repentant sinner. 
No matter how many times they fall, or sin....if they ask for his grace he always gives it, because he is the father. And he's a good one....not like my examples here on this planet...Our God is a good loving father who encourages his children, and wants nothing more than to see them succeed and be happy.... 
That is the reason....

A loving father never turns away his child.....He knows all people have to live the consequences of their actions...God does not need to punish any sinner....because just like a flickering lightbulb that eventually wears itself out, blinking too fast and random for far too long; or a vase too cracked to hold water, when once a spot of glue would do just fine; darkness, meanness, envy, hate....it implodes upon itself. 
A bad person....meaning a person who willfully commits harmful deeds...to themselves or others, will eventually kill themself; not with a weapon or a rope, but with words and deeds that will poison the soul.

Darkness fades and has no form or legacy. 
Light feeds the universe. 
Death never comes for those of pure intension....they just ascend....immortal....while Darkness fades to nothing."