The trauma of childhood terrors make you feel damaged and alone. You think you will never be good enough to be loved by a good person.
But then someone with new information comes along and you feel hope. Realizing that you can be different, that what was done to you, is not who you must be, you begin to question everything.
Once you see that experiencing love is a choice, the hurt that chained you down is no longer your only option. Your eyes open to possibility and freedom from shame and guilt, and you struggle to free your soul.


Unchained c.1991, 2013
Songwriter, J.L. Perras

Another tear runs down my face, tonight
I’m searching for that love, out of mind, out of sight.
I’ve got no choice inside,
Forever held in pain
A prisoner in the jail
Of an ego with no shame

Your love it captured me and held me in its arms
And knowing it was right, the universe was ours
But now I’ve lost my mind
To hell I cannot go
I’m trapped between two worlds
Trapped between above and below

I’m chained in time,
A cold and lonely heart
I’m chained, I’m lost
A prisoner of your love
Just one kiss from me and devils got your soul
I’m chained, I’m chained
Help me, Help me, Help me Ahhhhhhh…

I sit and wait outside that window by my door,
I see a guy walk by,
That I’ve never seen before.
Just one look from him,
Something in his eyes
Awakes a fear in me,
Takes me by surprise.

I’m chained in time
A cold and lonely heart
I’m chained, I’m lost
A prisoner of your love.
Just one kiss from me and the devils got your soul,
Unchained, Unchained, Unchained
I loose control…No No NO!

You know there is always someone out there baby,
Always on your back
His eyes they burn with fire
And there’s no turning back for you
There’s no escape.

You’ve got the choice
You can listen to his rhymes
You give lies their meaning
Oh my God, I see how love is blind. Oh oh…..

Unchain my heart….oh oh…

Release me baby,
Set me free.