November 8th - NO LOVE released.

The last song in the Serge and Jacqueline duo collaboration, has now been released.

"No Love" is a tortured ballad about unrequited love, written in 2014. Serge wrote the music, and I wrote the lyrics.

We have performed this song LIVE many times, on the radio, to small audiences, and finally, this past year, when we did our last show together on Canada's 150th birthday, but it has taken a long time to formally release this ballad, because the song is very personal and looking back can sometimes be very sad.

As a couple, we lived a very public life. Our first song "Behind Closed Doors", revealed the magic of love and it's power to heal. When we worked on that song, changing it from its original 1993 negative male rock ballad, to a positive duet about two people finding each other through God's love and destiny, all the potential of the world was ours. "No Love" came 9 months later.
When the fear of commitment started causing anxiety and confusion, we got lost in that fear for a few weeks. When we came through the other side stronger, it didn't make sense to release the song because we had overcome that fear, and continued moving forward with love.
In December 2015, we made promises to each other and sealed those promises with a ring...not an engagement ring, a promise ring - to show everyone that we were only for each other...and that was the peak of our relationship. It was beautiful to share that with all our friends, both privately and on Facebook, and I thank you all for being there.

Unfortunately, in April 2016, we came full circle, back to the fear in "No love". It felt wrong to be wearing the ring, and it so it was returned, as we formally announced that we were breaking up.

After a few weeks, Serge came back to support me through a health crisis and then we moved forward as best friends, chaste under GOD's guidance, but closer, and still and full of love for each other.

But there comes a time when you must ask, "If I continue in a loving best friend relationship and spend all my time with my friend, where will I find room in my heart to meet someone who wants to share ALL of my life with me and just me, as man and wife, for all eternity?"

Truly, you can't open your heart to forever, if all that's being offered, is right now....and if you settle for right now...all that awaits in eternity is loneliness. And that's why we stepped back from each other.

Both Serge and I are now moving forward separately. We have our own solo albums. My album, "Warrior of Truth" was released on July 17th this year, and Serge has only two more songs to complete before his album goes to market.

This chapter has ended. What was behind closed doors, will always be, but in the public arena all that is left now, is "NO LOVE"


This song goes out to all of you who have been in love and have felt that the person you loved, did not love you. Peoples actions sometimes do not match their words, and when love is shown, but words contradict what appears to be something beautiful, someone always gets hurt.

But there is always beauty in feeling love, because we create love from within. When we experience love, we know we are people who can love. And when it is right...people who love find each other.

There is hope in this song, and I wish all of you to understand that even though love can hurt, it can also heal....and, if ever, just for a moment, you have experienced a perfect love...just know, that love can be found again.

Create love, and love will find you.

God Bless you all. ~ Jacqueline Lovely Perras


No Love c.2014
J.L. Perras, S. Wisotxky

I cried the night we met,
You saw all my regret
You held my hand
and then, you smiled, just so

We talked until the dawn,
Oh we did nothing wrong.
And then we lay
Until the lightening came.

You brought me to your home
A test of faith was shown
The music that we made
It healed us both

When winter's secrets wept
Harsh words we never said
A quiet storm did rise
Outside our bed.

And now we're trapped inside this dream
And no one hears the silent screams
And I love you even so,
I don't want to walk this life alone

I'll crawl inside when it feels wrong
I'll pour my heart out in this song
My mind betrays me when you're gone
No love's the beat thats just goes on.

The faces that we show
Hide a sadness no one knows
How long can beauty live
Beneath the snow?

Am I selfish to ignore
Your chosen words behind that door?
Magic kisses, secrets shared,
There's friendship there.

But now we're trapped inside this dream
And no one hears the silent screams
And I love you even so,
I don't want to walk this life alone.

I'll crawl inside when it feels wrong.
I'll pour my heart out in the song
My mind betrays me when you're gone.
No Love's the beat that just goes on.

I'm numb to all the pain,
Shadows of our love remain,
Light my way when I feel lost
Without your love.

Memories of the field and sun
I live inside them one by one,
And I hope that I may find
Eternal Love.