Truth is Important. 

One of the most common mistakes we make is telling a lie. No matter how small, or how insignificant we think it is, a lie is always wrong, because a lie, isn't the truth. As soon as a lie goes out into the world, everything that comes after it, is based in a false notion. And this is where gossip, hate, misunderstandings, confusion and hurt, flourish. 

Think of it like this, when a lie is told, everything that comes after that lie is an ERROR, because everything following that lie, isn't truth. 

Errors will continue being made, because people who believed the lie, are acting and speaking as if the lie is truth....and they will even hotly defend that lie, believing it was an honorable defense...because they trusted your integrity to tell the truth. 

Good, honest, well-meaning people can get caught up in the spreading of lies unknowingly, because they believed in the honor of the source.

It's like this, you tell a lie, and someone re-tells it, they honorably speak about what you told them to others, but because the information was false, you just made them an agent of your lie. A person who did not, themselves lie, believing in your integrity, took your words as truth, has now become a liar. And it wont stop there. That lie will continue to cause errors in relationships with people, the more it gets re-told. 

So, what if we spoke truth all the time?

There would be no inflation of errors, no false information spread by good people who were just responding to what they thought was truth. The integrity of our friends and community members would remain in tact, and in the energy of this integrity would spread to all who live around us, uplifting abundance, love and success in us all. The truth isnt always easy to hear, but truth is always better than a lie, because truth is based in the tangible, and a lie is based on nothing. Growth, reparation, healing, forgiveness, and wisdom do not come from nothing. 

But what if some of you are thinking, "I am afraid to tell my truth", or "I shouldn't have to tell all my truth to people," for those of you, who are worried about moving forward in all truth, I posit this:

First of all let go of anything you did up to this exact moment. Give forgiveness to all around you, including yourself, and begin now, moving forward, in all truth. 
If Someone asks you something and you don't want to tell the whole truth of it, you will now just say, "I prefer not to talk about that" or "that's a private matter."

You see, if you respond in this manner, no ERROR is created. No one moves out of that moment with false information. You keep your integrity with your silence so there is no false narrative, that could go forward hurting others. 

Integrity is a high vibration. It lifts us up with successful opportunity, light, happiness and prosperity. Creating an a very low vibration, that hurts you, and all others around you it comes in contact with, damaging people and relationships and creating contention, anger, depression and destruction.

Living in all truth is easy. Watch how your world changes with the high vibration of truth and integrity. You are in control of your experience. Choose happiness and abundance.
Just speak truth or say nothing.

Forgiveness for yesterday is a promise. 
Repentance for our own errors, is garenteed by God, through the redeeming love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So let go of the past, and focas on right now.
Step into this moment in truth and honor, and experience how wonderful it feels to live in a high, happy vibration.

You CAN make a difference in our world.
Walk forward right now in Truth. 
Your example will change others, and it will bless all of those around you.

Much love and light, may God bless you all,