Money comes easy. You are in control.  


You never have to chase money. 

All you need to do is keep yourself in a high vibration. 

In high vibrations, money is attracted to you. Success is attracted to you. Luck is all around. Doors go flying open.  

If you hang with low vibrational people, or date them, live with them...invite them to participate in your life, you will always need, struggle, fear, and want.  

Energy is a force....and love is one of the highest vibrations we can experience.  

But what isn't love, can injure all your efforts to move into a beautiful, easy life.  

Jealousy, guilt, misplaced attachments formed through  fear of change, and cultivated by a flawed sense of duty, can hurt you more than any sword. Many times low vibrational people cling to others they know have ultimate potential, because they are too lazy to manifest happiness for themselves.  

Free yourself from anyone, or situation that try's to pull you into fear, apprehension or guilt. The low stay low, because they believe in "good enough". They draw on the energies of others to feed themselves....but what that does to you, is suck you dry...and pull you down so you are too tired to see the trickery they are imposing on you. Good people lift each other. Do you feel lifted by your friends and lovers? 

Or are you always the one lifting the people around you? They cry, whine, complain, gossip, and hate on others that are more successful, and you listen, sucking in all that toxic low energy....and they celebrate, because they are keeping you down in the low tragic vibration with them....feeding on your wisdom and compassion.  

In a beautiful union, we lift each other, we feed our souls with happiness...and we live together in high vibrations of joy and success. You can feel the difference. High vibrations make us feel satisfied, full of energy and heal our bodies of all ailments. Low vibrations bring our bodies, minds, and finances to ruin.  

It is sometimes hard to let go or create barriers between ourselves and the others who live low, because they are family, work colleagues, childhood friends, or part of a inner friend circle we want to be a part of....but no gain from living low, just to satisfy a false notion of duty...or desire to be in a popular "clique", will ever bring success and abundance into your world with any consistency. Remember, you are in choose, just like you choose high.  

Break free and let go, and you can wave to all the low energy beings from your castle in the sky. In time, some of them, inspired by your success, may come up to join you. But remember we can not will anyone to be awesome, happy or wealthy....we can only claim it for ourselves.  

Claim your awesome life right now.  

This is my wish for all of you.  

Much Love and Light,  

Jacqueline Lovely Perras