ARON CROSS - Jacqueline and Roxys Birthday show at 3 Monkeys

Three Monkeys, Warden Ave, Toronto

*Update. CVOID19 is causing many shows and tours to be cancelled. We are also being affected. Thank you all for your kindness and patience as we join the world in praying for a swift vaccination and end to all the suffering. Wash your hands. Stay in if you can. We will see you all as soon as this crisis is over.**

Aron Cross celebrates the birthdays of its female singers Roxy Luciani and Jacqueline Lovey Perras. Aron Cross will do a full set of their Rock Theatre supported by LIQUIDCRISTAL. There will be special guest appearances by Roxane De Longo Campbell, Valerie Shearman and Michelle Langdrin. Music runs 9:30pm through 2 am...