Change is Possible. 

I lost a friend today. 
A sad loss, but not by death... 
By judgement. 

Last night a friend told me that they believe the character of a person is fixed. 
That as children our character becomes the all of who we are, and as we age, no matter what the circumstances, we can't become anything different than who we learned to be in the childhood years. 

The parents who raised us imprinted their thoughts and values on us, developing our character. The environment we lived in imprinted on us...and these imprints also contributed to our character. 

My friend told me this is fixed. No willingness to change, no redemption from God. 

No hard work, no desire.. can make a cheater not a cheater, a person raised in an abusive home, will always be an abuser, a child of addicts, is destined to become an addict. 

My friend said that they believe absolutely in God, Jesús Christ and the Holy Ghost.  

But not in change. 

Why did Jesús suffer in the garden of Gesthemene, if not to take on the sins of the that all who err, who make mistakes, all who want to live a better, happy, honest life, can have that opportunity?  

With such judgements...with the sins of our parents and the home in which we were born imposed upon wonder the world is in such crisis. The plan of Salvation has been forgotten, even by self proclaimed believers.

I believe in Free Will. I believe that ANYONE who wants to change CAN change. 

I believe I am not my parents, or the people who raised me. 

I am not my childhood enviroment. 

I am not the girl who was bullied in school. 

I am not the wild teenager who lived in the streets. 

I am not the young adult who messed up. 

Im not the grown up who had a tantrum when she was cheated on or lied to. 

I am me.


I am now, and tomorrow, whoever I want to be.  

I believe Everyone...EVERYONE...can be better, happier, more honest, more kind, more loving, more generous, and more forgiving.  Who we are is a choice

...whatever you were yesterday, you can wake up today and choose to be whatever you want....and if that's kinder and more mindful of 

Jesús came not for the pious saints...he came for all the sinners...the flawed, the imperfect, the perfectly trying. 

Never let anyone judge you because of your past.  

You are, whoever you want to be. 

If you ask, all of the sins of yesterday are gone. This is God's promise, through the attonement of Jesús Christ....we are all renewed....if WE WANT TO BE. 

Your CHARACTER is not fixed. 

Goodness and love, heal and renew. 

People come and go in our lives. 

Savour the positive moments. 

Let go of anyone who doesn't believe in you, and in the Power of Change.

Love changes everything.

- Jacqueline Lovely Perras