ROCK SINGER, Jacqueline Lovely Perras, to sing her original song, "Woman" in the feature length movie, "Flames of Fury" currently filming in Toronto.

A few months ago, I was involved in some social activity that led to me being bullied by my peers. I have always been bubbly and outgoing....for me every performance is important; whether it is a jam night, or full tilt theatrical concert, I always strive to do my best. I work hard networking and having fun, making the most of any event. I see every opportunity that presents itself as a way to promote myself as an original Indie artist; expanding my followers, listeners and fans.  

After some unfortunate events where a few ladies decided that it would be fun to humiliate me publicly by mocking me, threatening violence, and gossiping about me to the point where I no longer felt comfortable in public, I withdrew from friends and public events where I could be put into situations that could become disruptive or negative. I am not one to back down when challenged, but for me, withdrawing seemed the easiest way to slow down the waves of gossip and bad feelings that appeared to be fuelled by my presence.  

During this time, another girlfriend of mine, Roxy Luciani, had been very hurt by a good friend who made some derogatory comments about her current lifestyle. Hurt by the statememts, and the subsequent gossip that circulated, she reached out to me for support, knowing about what had just happened to me.  

We talked openly about our feelings and supported each through the incidents. After a lively discussion, we decided to move forward with love and forgiveness. Wherever possible we would try and repair the broken relationships, and forgive others who had hurt us.  

As it happens, Roxy also works in the entertainment industry and had been recently approached by a film writer who was looking for a dynamic female vocalist to write an original song for her new film. Because we had been supporting each other through some difficult moments, I was fresh in her mind when she was approached with the inquiry. Roxy immediately passed my name along to writer/director/actor, Gloria Yasdani.  

Gloria and I are now collaborating on original music for her film, "Flames of Fury", currently filming in Toronto. Not only is it a thrill to be writing music for the film, but three days ago, Gloria approached me about using my song, "Woman", currently in production for my second album, "The Quickening", in the film as well. Additionally, she has asked if I would appear in the film and sing my song, "Woman" at the Black Tie Party Scene shooting July 18th. The filming will include clips that will be integrated with scenes from the movie to become a video single for the song "Woman", which because of its involvement in the film, is now planned for pre-album release in partnership with the movie premier in 2019. Roxy is also appearing in the film. She will be part of the scene for Black Tie event July 18, and I look forward to celebrating with her this win for love.  

Women supporting woman, reaching out, and caring about each other, led to my involvement in the upcoming feature-length film, "Flames of Fury". For me this is a testimony of the power of kindness and love. Although Roxy and I both experienced negative social interactions, we supported each other, and in that support a wonderful opportunity opened up for me and for Roxy. Had we not been bullied by our peers and supported each other through the upset and healing, we would not have been appearing in the movie, I would not be singing in the movie, my music would not have been considered for inclusion in the soundtrack, and I never would have met the very talented and wonderfully brave, Gloria Yasdani.  

So just remember folks, sometimes things happen, and we get hurt or confused. But the outcome of any incident is in our hands. If you adopt an attitude of growth and learning in all of life's experiences and search for those silver linings, sometimes what seems like a negative, can be turned into a positive.....and great blessings will be enjoyed.  

Go forward with love. Holding on to negative feelings about situations or gossip you can't control, only brings you sadness. Forgive and move forward. Life doesn't always make sense. Just be the example of what you want to see in others. When we create love, we are surrounded by love.  

         - Jacqueline Lovely Perras 

               WARRIOR OF TRUTH  

                  July 11th, 2018

Blog photo: Tracy Cory Mead